Why Fololife

Unified View

Medical reports from multiple healthcare providers on ONE secure platform

Auto Updates

Automatic updates of your medical data on the go

Family Health Tracker

Track the health of your family members from anywhere in the world

Data Security

256-bit end-to-end encryption secures your personal data

Health Service Locator

Hassle-free search for doctors, hospitals, labs and health packages

Permanent Storage

Digitalization ensures your medical data is never lost


Automatic Updates

Stop searching for medical records and say hello to Fololife! We automatically update, store, back up and aggregate all your medical reports, prescriptions and bills from multiple hospitals, clinics and labs on the Fololife network into one view.

Family Tree

Create a family tree with all your family members and keep track of their updated medical records, vaccinations, expenses and insurance policies. View your family’s health data in one place.

Data Analytics

Keep track of your health easily. All your medical test results can be analyzed and viewed as graphs/charts, making it easy to understand and interpret.

Drug Tracker

Adverse drug reaction (ADR) has been reported to be among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in India. Keep tab on all the medicines/drugs you consume, making it easy for medical practitioners to track allergies and adverse drug reactions. This feature will assist in diagnosing the cause and origin of diseases.

Vaccination Reminders

Never miss any vaccination. We’ll help you keep track of upcoming vaccinations by sending reminders to your registered mobile number.

Find Doctors/Hospitals/Labs

Get expert advice at your fingertips! Search for network-linked doctors, hospitals and labs around you in a jiffy.

Share Medical Records

No more printing, scanning and photocopying to share medical records - just open, select and share. Go paperless and save trees.

Medical Expense Tracker

Wish you could calculate your annual medical expenses? View the entire history of medical expenses incurred at all hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and labs for all the members in your family tree.

Medical Insurance

Forgot to pay your insurance premiums and ended up paying the penalty? Not anymore. Upload and view your insurance policies on the Fololife app. We’ll also send you reminders regarding your policy’s premium payment and expiry.

Health Package Offers

Want to do a health check-up but looking to save a few bucks? Check out the numerous health check-up packages we’ve got. We’ll also notify you of all new health packages in network-linked hospitals and labs in your city.

How Fololife Works

Step 1

Create a Fololife account.

Step 2

Link hospitals/labs on the Fololife network for automatic updates of your medical prescriptions, reports and bills.

Step 3

Upload your medical records manually for hospitals/labs that are not on the Fololife network.

Step 4

Start viewing and sharing - anytime, anywhere.

About us

Healthcare often takes a back seat until we are faced with unexpected medical emergencies. Reality struck when one of our co-founders’ mother was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. It was quite cumbersome to carry bulky files on every visit to the doctor, find the right records and maintain prescriptions, reports, bills and appointments. We soon realized that this was a perennial problem affecting millions across the country.

While there’s the emotional need to take an illness in your stride, there remains the practical need to aggregate medical records and keep track of your progress. Taking care of your loved ones becomes even more arduous when you’re separated by geographical distances. Considering these issues, we, a team of four, determined and compassionate professionals from healthcare, IT and Finance domains put our brains and hearts together along with years of corporate experience to set up Fololife. We will help you manage all your medical records from multiple healthcare providers, with the overarching goal of making your entire medical history available at your fingertip, anytime and anywhere.

Our mission is to create a consumer-centric, single-window, universal platform to maintain and automatically update all your medical records, while respecting your need for security and privacy. With our cutting-edge technology, the way you currently store medical history will be history. Fololife aims to be a one-stop destination for all your healthcare needs, seamlessly linking all aspects of healthcare in the most user-friendly manner.

Here’s to a unique health-tracking solution for a healthier community!



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